Tips For Moving Homes Without The Mess

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Moving homes is no easy task, regardless to how many times you have already done so. If you are moving homes in the near future and dreading the drama and the mess, then the below suggestions are perfect for you….!

Stay overs for the fussy

Are you a parent to small and fussy children? Or a dog-parent to an excitable puppy/puppies who loves/hates strangers? This tip is for you regardless to which of the two category you fall into. Moving is generally exhausting and a little messy at the very least, so having small children or puppies running around, falling over things or tripping movers as they carry heavy objects is not a great idea. Call in the grandparents (or a close friend) and arrange for a sleepover so that you may have their new house in order before you bring them to it.

Taking care of the valuable and the fragile

Whether it’s your carefully preserved wedding bouquet, your great grand mother’s china, your jewelry or your paintings; if you have anything that you consider either fragile or valuable) or both!), then it’s best moving them yourself before the official move, so they don’t get damaged, misplaced, or worse, stolen. If you feel you cannot move them before you move into your new place yourself, temporarily stash them at a trusted friend/family member’s house, or opt for temporary storage facilities.

Making sure you’re only taking what is necessary*

If you’ve been living in your current home for many years now, it’s more than possible that you may have collected quite a few things in those years. However, it’s not necessary that you take all that along with you when you move. Instead, take inventory of your things, and only take those things that you simply cannot live without, along with you to your new home. If you come across things that are valuable to you, yet you don’t really have to have it close to you the whole time; opt for storage sheds or unitswhere they’ll be safe and out of the way.

When not to be superman

There are many moments in life when it pays to be frugal; when it pays to be physically strong. Moving your belongings yourself may help you save money on the move; but this should be an option only if your simply have no other choice. It is smarter to hire professional mover to move your furniture and pack up your home; as they will make it as less bothersome and messy as they possibly could. Apart from movers, packers and cleaning services too can be of great use to you if you further want to make your moving experience a mess free one.